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With an investment of RMB 130 million, the electrophoresis workshop of Chengli Group will be put into operation soon


The electrophoresis workshop of Chengli Group will be put into operation soon

electrophoresis workshop

Chengli Group Electrophoresis Workshop

"Electrophoretic paint is a water-soluble coating, which is pervasive and has no dead ends in anti-corrosion treatment. The product can be used for more than 10 years." On September 1, when walked into the electrophoresis workshop of Hubei Chengli Group, and introduced by Zhang Zilong, director of Chengli Group's Environmental Management Center.

ChengLi Automobile Group

In the workshop, workers are finishing the production line, a modern industrial production line is in front of the eyes, surging with vigorous power.

Chengli Grouup

Anti-rust treatment has always been a topic that cannot be avoided in the special vehicle industry. Whether the anti-rust treatment is done well is directly related to the service life of the product. Before the emergence of electrophoresis technology, the pickling and phosphating process was widely used in the industry, and the service life of the product was relatively short, which was not conducive to protecting the environment.

electrophoresis workshop

In April this year, Chengli Group's electrophoresis workshop broke ground with a total investment of 130 million yuan RMB. The workshop is 168 meters long and 27 meters wide. It can complete the electrophoretic coating of workpieces with a length of 9 meters, a width of 3 meters, a height of 3 meters and a weight of 5 tons. It is currently the electrophoresis production line with the largest tank size, the most complete process and the most advanced technology in Suizhou.

ChengLi Automobile Group

"This electrophoresis line is a semi-automatic program-controlled operation. The loading and unloading of the workpieces need to be manually assisted in the conversion. The transportation and operation of the workpieces in the tank and oven are all automatic program control." Yang Yang, chief engineer of Xiangyang Nuobang Coating Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., who is guiding the installation on site Ray introduced.

The entire electrophoresis process is coated with cathodic electrophoresis paint. Electrophoresis paint has high requirements on the surface cleanliness of the workpiece. After the workpiece enters the electrophoresis line, it swings up and down in the liquid in the tank, like swimming, fully contacting the liquid. There are 14 processes in total. After each process, the workpiece should be cleaned with pure water to remove the grease and impurities on the surface of the workpiece, and then enter the electrophoresis paint tank. Under the action of a strong electric field, the paint evenly adheres to the workpiece surface. Finally, it will be baked at a constant temperature of 200 degrees before it comes out of the oven.

Electrophoretic coating has the advantages of fast construction speed, reduced labor intensity, non-toxic, convenient operation, etc. It has excellent adhesion, and its rust resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties are better than ordinary paint and general construction methods.

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