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  • 6 Wheel 1000 Gallon Water Truck
  • 6 Wheel 1000 Gallon Water Truck
  • 6 Wheel 1000 Gallon Water Truck
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6 Wheel 1000 Gallon Water Truck
  • Dongfeng
  • China, Hubei
  • around 7 days
  • around 5000 units one year

Water truck is suitable for washing various road, trees, green belts, factories and mining enterprises , high-altitude building , etc, dongfeng water truck has the functions of water spraying, dust suppression, high and low spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail washing, etc. It also has functions of water transportation, drainage, emergency fire fighting and so on.

6 wheel 1000 gallon water truck sprinkler width: ≥20m, maximum range: ≥28m; can be adjusted into a column or a mist

6 Wheel 1000 Gallon Water Truck

water truck

Water truck is also called spray truck, multifunction sprinkler, garden sprinkler truck, water tanker, water transport truck ,etc, 6 wheel water truck is used to clean roads, watering and spray pesticides in urban, large-scale factory areas, troops and gardens.

Product Feature

  • Water truck adopt China top brand water pump, aluminum alloy or stainless steel ball valve and pipeline

  • 6 wheel water truck equipped with special fire protection connector,can be used in temporary emergency fire sprinkler

  • 1000 gallon water truck is produced in automatic assembly line and automatic painting line

  • 2 ton to 40 ton water tank capacity optional

Main Parameter

Product Name

DONGFENG 6 wheel 1000 gallon water truck

Driving Type


Weight /Volume

Tank Volume(cbm)

5 cbm ( 1000 gallon)

Rated payload weight(kg)





Overall Dimension(mm)



Engine brand & model


Engine type

4 stroke, water-cooled, straight line 4 cylinders,diesel




Axle Quantity


Transmission Type

5 forwards,1 reverse gear, manual

Steering Type

LHD or RHD with power steering

Brake system

Air brake

Tire Spec. & size

7.00R16, 6 with a spare


Standard configuration

Flat proof, single row, radio, sound and so on

Air conditioning


Performance parameter of DONGFENG 6 wheel 1000 gallon water truck

Tanker shape

Square round or oval

Tanker material

Q235 carbon steel( option: stainless steel)

Standard configuration

1.Front(rear, side)sprinkler(sprinkling width>14m );                   

2. Rear working platform with water cannon (range>28m);

3.China top brand water pump(suction lift>7m);

4. Equipped with one fire interface, gravity valve, and filter gauze, two 3m long water pipe, rear climbing ladder

Product details

1000 gallon water truck

Structure sketch of water truck

water truck

Batch exported water truck to Venezuela

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