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  • 6 Wheel 3 Ton Wheel Lift Tow Truck
  • 6 Wheel 3 Ton Wheel Lift Tow Truck
  • 6 Wheel 3 Ton Wheel Lift Tow Truck
  • 6 Wheel 3 Ton Wheel Lift Tow Truck
  • 6 Wheel 3 Ton Wheel Lift Tow Truck
6 Wheel 3 Ton Wheel Lift Tow Truck
  • Dayun
  • China, Hubei
  • around 7 working days
  • 5,000 units one year

Wheel lift tow truck apply to tow the faulty or accident vehicle on the highway, street, tunnel, subway, etc, ensure the road smooth, 3 ton wheel lift tow truck usally is equipped with wheel lift device, hoist boom, hydraulic winch, etc rescue equipment.

Dayun wheel lift tow truck is composed of high strength steel body, hydraulic boom, wheel lift arm, hydraulic winch, etc. Wheel lift tow truck is very suitable for towing faulty or accident heavy duty vehicle, such as bus, trailer, etc.

6 Wheel 3 Ton Wheel Lift Tow Truck

wheel lift tow truck

Wheel lift tow truck is also called under lift wrecker truck, heavy duty towing truck, road recovery truck. Dayun 3 ton wheel lift tow truck belongs to towing lifting connected type, one time can tow one 8 ton accident vehicle.


Product Feature

  • China new brand: Dayun 

  • High strength steel superstructure with good welding and painting process

  • Factory customized production according to requirement

Main parameter

Product Name

6 wheel 3 ton wheel sheel lift tow truck


 Single row cab, two doors, rated passengers 2  or 3






Drive   type

4×2,   LHD with power steering



Tire   No.


Braking   System

Air  brake


5 or 6 forward gear,1 reverse, manual mechanical type



Emission   standard

Euro   4/3/2



Dimension   & weight

Overall   dimension (L*W*H/mm)


Axles   No.




Curb   Weight(kg)


Max   speed(km/h)


performance   parameter


 Lifting & hoisting conjoined

Standard   configuration

1.One 4 ton  hydraulic winch with 21m long steel wire rope 

2.Two   section hexagonal boom, two section corbel(under lift arms),

3. Split compartments, bilateral linkage operation device,

4. Fork, one pair of fork cover, one set auxiliary brake pipe assembly 

5. One led warning lamp with siren 

Performance   data

1.Max Towing Weight(kg):80000Kg,  

2. Max Lifting   weight(kg):4000kg, Max wheel lift weight(kg):4000kg


According   to the customer' request

Product detail

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