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  • Dongfeng 6 Ton Recovery Truck With Crane
  • Dongfeng 6 Ton Recovery Truck With Crane
  • Dongfeng 6 Ton Recovery Truck With Crane
  • Dongfeng 6 Ton Recovery Truck With Crane
Dongfeng 6 Ton Recovery Truck With Crane
  • dongfeng
  • China, Hubei
  • around 7 days
  • around 2500 units one year

Recovery truck refer to special vehicles equipped with road rescue equipment: flatbed ,lifting boom ,crane, etc, the task of recovery truck to tow the faulty or accident vehicle away from the scene in time to ensure the unobstructed road, so dongfeng recovery truck is mainly used for towing off the faulty vehicles on the road, illegal vehicles in the city and emergency rescue.

Dongfeng 6 ton recovery truck with crane drawn on advanced technology from European and American countries, and optimizing the configuration to reduce costs, it has become a multifunctional and cost-effective road rescue vehicle.

Dongfeng 6 Ton Recovery Truck With Crane

recovery truck with crane

Recovery truck with crane is also called road wreckers, towing truck, road rescue truck and  wreck towing truck, etc,  Dongfeng recovery truck have multiple functions such as lifting, dragging, and towing traction.  6 ton recovery truck is mainly divided into categories: towing lifting connected type, towing  lifting separation type , one tow one, flatbed one tow two, wrecker truck with crane, etc.

Product Feature

  • 6 ton recovey truck  have low center of gravity, small corners, easy to get on the broken car

  • Dongfeng recovery truck adopt high quality steel and electrophoretic technology, durable

  • Dongfeng 6 ton recovery truck with crane have many kinds of export way: complete vehicle,  bulk parts, part spare, etc

Main parameter

Product Name

DONGFENG 6 ton recovery truck with crane

Driving Type


Weight /classification


Wrecker recovery truck with crane

Rated payload weight(kg)





Overall Dimension(mm)



 Engine brand & model


Engine type

4 stroke, water-cooled, straight line 4 cylinders,diesel




Axle Quantity


Transmission Type

5 forwards,1 reverse gear, manual

Steering Type

LHD or RHD with power steering

Brake system

Air brake

Tire Spec. & size

7.50R16 or 8.25R16, 6 with a spare


Standard configuration

Flat proof, single row, radio, sound and so on

Air conditioning


Performance parameter of DONGFENG 6 ton recovery truck with crane

Platform size

5.6m(length)*2.3m(width)*4mm diamond plate

Crane specification

3.2ton telescopic or knuckled boom

Standard configuration

one 4 ton hydraulic winch with 21m long steel wire rope ,manual bilateral linkage operating device with imported Italy multi-way valve and best quality oil cylinder, with 6 units outline maker lamps & 2 unit spot light, one warning lamp with siren, two auxiliary wheel, two L –shaped palette fork, two palette fork cover, one tool box, with 4 units straps, 

Performance data

1. Max. towing:4000kg,

2. Trailer arm lifting capacity:2500kg

Product detail

6 ton recovery truck

Batch exported recovery truck, wrecker towing truck, rotator underlift wrecker truck

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